The future of customs clearance is today

Our mission is to combine the latest technologies with a team of experienced professionals in order to bring you the most convenient service.  We are a Customs Agent that specialize in both commercial & personal imports/exports of all types of products. Whether you are importing/exporting by Land, Sea, or Air, CDS-CHS can clear at any border point across the United Kingdom.

Why choose CDS Customs and Haulage Services Limited?

Choosing CDS CHS to manage your imports means choosing an experienced partner, able to handle the complex procedures involved in the import/export sector.

Accuracy is also important. At CDS CHS, we work with care and transparency to ensure we always comply with requests and that our customers never experience any difficulties.

We exclusively manage each customer’s needs and provide fully dedicated staff to ensure a personalised, quality service.

The Customs Declaration Service ( CDS )

We are ready to submit CDS declarations

CDS is being introduced gradually and the timing of your move to this system from the Customs Handling of Import and Export Freight (CHIEF) will depend on your or your agent’s software developer or Community System Provider.

It is expected that the majority of importers will start using CDS early in 2019. Exporters will migrate to CDS when export functionality becomes available in March 2019. Meanwhile they should continue to use CHIEF. This means that CDS and CHIEF will run in parallel for a short period of time.